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I’m a Mum of four little boys, Mindset Coach, Author and Australian farmer.

I help women on the journey to and through motherhood regain control, clarity and confidence from within.

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School Holidays MINDSHIFT is for the Mums who love their kids and the good bits of the school holidays, BUT don't quite love the non-stop bedlam that comes with having young children home from school/kindy/preschool/care for weeks.

Strategies to shift from overwhelm to embracing the school holidays at home with little people.

Daily mental wellbeing strategies.

Tips for sanity-saving holiday activities.

A laugh.

“Oh thank goodness it’s not just me” comfort.

The Art of Trying - front cover

The Art of Trying

Amazon International Bestseller

Have you ever wanted something so badly, yet no matter how hard you tried, for a time you couldn’t achieve it?

Do you long for a baby and are going through treatment to become pregnant?

Are you having a hard time coping with infertility?

I did too.

The Art of Trying is an intimate account of my journey to conceive our children, stemming from the journal that I kept over that seven year period. I’ve not held anything back – I go deep into the dark, and the light, of what I experienced and what I learned – about infertility and treatments, loss, mental health, the strength of my mind and body, and my relationships – to receive the most precious gifts in life.

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