• Focus on what you can control, primarily the health of your mind and body.


  • Listen to your body and your inner voice. If you feel like something is wrong, or you want to seek a second opinion, don’t hesitate to go do it!

Don’t delay. You’re not overreacting! In my experience, it’s always better to dig deeper, to go further and ask the questions you have on your mind. You have to be an advocate for yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you differently to what you know to be true about your body!


  • The greatest power we have at our disposal is our magnificent mind. Granted, our mind alone will not create a pregnancy, but the mind-body connection is so strong and regardless of the circumstances we can have control from within.


  • One of the best things you can do to support yourself in falling pregnant and experiencing a healthy pregnancy is to develop a positive mental attitude.

I don’t mean simply telling yourself ‘stay positive’; what I’m referring to is deliberately choosing thoughts, feelings and actions that are in harmony with what you want (e.g. a healthy pregnancy and baby), rather than the present circumstances (i.e. struggling to conceive).

Daily use of gratitude, and the proper use of your imagination to form and hold the picture of what you want, are powerful practices to support you on your journey. Chapter 13 of my book The Art of Trying covers this in depth.

Repetition of affirmations can also have a profound effect on our subconscious, which is why I have developed 31 affirmations for women trying to conceive.

These are included in Chapter 14 of The Art of Trying, and from them I’ve created a set of beautiful individually designed affirmation cards. I wish I had this knowledge and these tools at my disposal when we were TTC, as I could have been far more effective with the use of my mind to focus on what I did want, not so much on what I didn’t want or have.


  • It’s okay to not be okay in some moments, and days. Remaining positive is the ideal scenario for sure, but you can allow yourself to sit with the negativity, the pain and the sorrow for a time if you need to, and trust that you will move through it soon.


Much love, B x

The information provided in my blog is not from a registered nurse, or medical professional, nor from tertiary or professional qualifications surrounding infertility, pregnancy, motherhood or mental health. It is based on lived-experiences and learned awareness surrounding my own journey to and through motherhood. It is in no way intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Please contact a qualified medical professional for advice and treatment.