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5 quick tips for women struggling to conceive

August 11, 2020

Focus on what you can control, primarily the health of your mind and body.   Listen to your body and your inner voice. If you feel like something is wrong, or you want to seek a second opinion, don’t hesitate to go do it! Don’t delay. You’re not overreacting! In my experience, it’s always better…

Don’t hit pause on your life when TTC

August 11, 2020

Photo credit to: Jo Shanahan Photography For so long I yearned for a child, children, to call our own. To be out of the ‘trying club’ and into the ‘baby club.’ And in time the quest consumed me – mind, body and soul. I literally hit pause on my life for a good while. I…

How to Support a Friend Experiencing Infertility or Pregnancy Loss

August 8, 2020

Photo credit to: Jo Shanahan Photography Both are such difficult topics that people in our lives tend to avoid, not because they are callous but because they don’t know what to say. If you are supporting someone experiencing infertility, please seek to understand first. Increase your awareness on the topic and be compassionately curious. If…