Benita Bensch - Illuminate

A transformational coaching program for mothers to regain control, clarity and confidence

How would it feel to have more:
🌟 Calm
🌟 Control
🌟 Clarity
🌟 Confidence

In your day, and in your life? And not just fleetingly.

What if you had the tools, strategies, and support to embed these in your life permanently?

Because you know in your heart when it’s time for change.
You just have that feeling that you need to do something for you.

You don’t need to be searching for drastic change.

Perhaps you’re simply searching for more and better. A better mindset, better mental health, a better understanding of you, better clarity of the direction you’re going in, better confidence to show up in the way you want to, and better habits.

Mumma, it’s time to stop putting everyone else’s needs ahead of your own and turn the spotlight back on to you!

Do you know:

Illuminate Coaching Program

How many gifts you possess?

Illuminate Coaching Program

How prioritising your mental health and mindset doesn’t have to be hard?

Illuminate Coaching Program

How effective and productive you can be when you have clarity?

Illuminate Coaching Program

That every day is too precious to feel stuck, or even stale?

As mothers we often give so much of ourselves to our family, friends, communities, businesses or careers, and don't look after our own mind, body and soul in the way that keeps us shining.

We neglect what lights us up from the inside until our body starts to shout at us to take notice!

We neglect our innate illuminosity.

Benita Bensch - Illuminate Program

The Macquarie Dictionary defines Illuminate like this:
To supply with light, light up.

So I couldn’t think of a better word to describe my coaching program.

It is all of these things but it is absolutely not just a feel-good motivational training! Although there is lesson content, it’s not an online course.

It’s a live, intimate, transformational coaching experience.

Illuminate is about...

🌟 Finding calm, positivity, and productivity amongst the busy-ness of your everyday life.

🌟 Replacing the engrained b/s stories and habits that have been playing on repeat in your life, with new stories and habits you consciously choose for yourself.

🌟 Genuinely improving your confidence so you will listen to that inner voice and go after what you want, to step into more of who you really are.

🌟 Putting you first (I’m guessing for the first time in a long time!) and celebrating what makes you the incredible, resplendent woman you are! Not just in your role as a mother, but YOU!

Benita Bensch - Coaching

I know it’s scary to invest in yourself.

And you might be thinking: how will I find the time for this?

What I’d like you to think about is: can you afford not to make a change and keep going the way you are?

What you'll learn...

Pillar 1: Control

  • The power of you: tapping into your mind and gifts
  • Regaining control over your thoughts
  • Daily mindset and mental health habits, and overall wellbeing strategies

Pillar 2: Clarity

  • Reconnecting with what you want, and how to get it
  • Uncovering and addressing what's holding you back
  • Leveraging the power of decision and permission

Pillar 3: Confidence

  • Building self confidence and creating a new self image
  • Shifting the stories you're telling yourself
  • Daily strategies for success: getting things done with ease and flow!

When you invest in working with a coach you invest in you.

And you should invest in you because you are the most valuable asset in your life!

When you work with a coach you also invest in a partnership with someone who holds a greater vision for you than you hold for yourself. A sounding board, a mentor and teacher and someone who holds the space for you to grow and to step into more of who you really are.

Just imagine how different life might be after Illuminate...

See how different Renee's life is after joining Illuminate.

illuminate logo

$3,000 (inc GST)

OR 3x monthly investments of $1,100.

🌟 9 Illuminate lessons from our signature pillars Control, Clarity and Confidence from within

🌟 Weekly lesson plans

🌟 12 weekly live group coaching calls with replays

🌟 Lifetime membership to the private Illuminate community

🌟 Further reading and resources for deeper engagement

🌟 Direct unlimited access to Benita

🌟 Come out with your unique Illuminate action plan

We start Monday 12th July 2021!

It’s time for you Mumma bear!

You are so worthy of this. 12 weeks of coaching with me and a small group of other Mums who ‘get it.’ We start Monday 12th July! .

Benita Bensch - Coaching Program

Benita is so warm, welcoming, knowledgeable...

Being a Mum is harder work then I ever thought. This course has helped give me direction to make changes that I knew needed to be made within myself, but I didn't know how to make them. It focusses on a shift within yourself rather then a bandaid solution. Learning a new approach and being given realistic tasks each week to complete (that are achievable on top of the hectiness of Mum life) has resulted in each week feeling like I am growing a little more, feeling a little lighter and becoming a better Mum. Benita is so warm, welcoming, knowledgable and easy to listen to. The course is well thought out, enjoyable and realistic for Mums!

Renee has really been a very eye opening experience.

Benita’s greatest strength is her listening and questioning skills – being able to challenge my thinking and dig deeper for solutions and analysis, it has really been a very eye opening experience. Keep doing what you do Benita – I think you are a great coach – and with every client you help you will just continue to be even more fantastic!


She is able to see the best in you, and helps you to see that too.

Benita is a wise and empathetic soul, and working with her as a coaching client has been a privilege. She is able to see the best in you, and helps you to see that too. As a coach she is supportive, thought provoking and nurturing. Through Benita’s own experiences and personal growth she has valuable insight to effectively guide others on their journey.


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