The Art of Trying: Mindset Mentorship

31 days of mindset coaching, connection, and tools for women creating their family.

Have you been trying to conceive and doing everything you can to achieve that, while people continue to tell you to 'stay positive' (and you secretly want to slap them)?

Are you having a hard time coping with the emotional ups and downs of infertility?

Do you feel like everything is out of your control and you're existing in a parallel universe consumed by the process of trying to create a baby?

And you need support to help you deal with all the waiting, the insensitive questions, and getting through the tough days?

I get it. And that's exactly what the Mindset Mentorship is all about: connection, support, mental health and mindset tools and strategies to support you in conceiving, and help you be the best you can through this time. You are worthy of this!

Watch this video:

During the years when we were trying to conceive, I invested so much energy and tens of thousands of dollars into everything I was aware of to help us achieve a viable pregnancy.

Yet, for the majority of that time, my mental health was suffering. And my mindset fluctuated wildly. Backwards and forwards I’d go between feeling upbeat and hopeful one moment (or day), to devastated and hopeless the next. I told myself everything would be Ok as soon as I was pregnant.

I paid the price of not looking after this part of my health. I suffered in silence and for a long time didn’t cope well at all. I detested that I could not control this thing I wanted so badly to happen. It felt like we couldn’t make it happen no matter how hard we tried when everything else in my life I’d wanted I’d been able to achieve!

I gradually slipped down the treacherous slope of declining mental health until I landed at the bottom with a thud in November 2012. I was broken, and still didn’t know how close, or far, we were from having a baby.

Does this resonate?

Fortunately my story has a happy ending – I’m now a Mum of four boys (a gift I’m grateful for every single day).

But I know what it’s like to be in the Trying Club looking over what feels like an impossible barrier into the Baby Club. It’s so hard, it really is. And you can’t fully ‘get it’ unless you’ve been through it.

These events forced me to change the way I operate, my daily habits, my beliefs, and the thoughts I choose. Not only through my infertility journey but through pregnancy, childbirth and being a mother, because every stage has pushed me to (what I thought was) my limit and required me to grow. Focusing on my mindset and mental health is a daily practise for me now; it’s non-negotiable.

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So now you’re thinking, what about me?

This is where The Art of Trying Mindset Mentorship comes in.

The Mindset Mentorship brings together my experiences and key learnings about mental health and mindset from the last 10 years through:

  • Coaching and study,
  • My personal journey through trying to conceive naturally, complementary therapies, endometriosis, miscarriage, Clomid, IUI, IVF, geographic isolation, and poor mental health,
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, and now motherhood.

What I’ve learned at every step along the way has been highly valuable and I want to share all I can to support women on this journey.

It’s an emotional, difficult, and sometimes long road to having a baby, and you need support. Everyone does!

Everything has changed for me as a result of learning about my mind and how I can harness the power of my mind to create the results I want in my life.

This is not about being positive all the time. I promise I will never tell you to ‘stay positive’.

And I’m not naïve enough to think that mindset alone will get you pregnant. I know that achieving a viable pregnancy is complex and multiple pieces of the puzzle need to come together.

However, the way I see it is that your mindset is an important piece of the puzzle that you can control, when the other puzzle pieces feel beyond your control.

This program is exactly what I needed but didn’t have when we were trying to conceive.

The mind-body connection is real. And looking after your mental health needs to be taken as seriously as your physical health;

a) to look after your daily wellbeing and ability to cope, and
b) to support you in becoming pregnant.

What is Included?

Here is everything you get when you purchase today.

In 31 days of the Mindset Mentorship you will:
  • Build resilience to help you move more easily to and through the unknown.
  • Learn the significance of prioritising your mental health, and the best way for you to do that on a daily basis.
  • Be supported with knowledge and strategies to create a mindset more conducive to conceiving.
  • Better understand yourself, and how to make changes if you choose to.
Daily Emails
TAOT Book and Affirmation Cards
In the Mindset Mentorship You will also:
  • Learn how to take better care of yourself even when things aren’t working out how you planned.
  • Gain mindset tools and strategies you’ll use for a lifetime.
  • Become part of a private community of women who ‘get it’,
  • Have direct access to me, with my full support.

Private Community

Lifetime membership to The Art of Trying Mindset Mentorship private Facebook group.

Personalised Coaching

A daily email from me with coaching and homework.

Coaching Calls

Two (2) live 1 hour Q & A group coaching calls with me and other women in the Mindset Mentorship program.

Links & Resources

Links to transformational resources and information.

Bestseller Book

Your own personally autographed copy of my Amazon International Bestseller book ‘The Art of Trying’ and set of The Art of Trying Affirmation Cards.

Tools & Strategies

Tools and strategies you can use right away and keep for a lifetime.

Shanna Whan
Founder of Sober in the Country

"There is no battle more painful, private and lonely than that of the road to conception. Especially when you are isolated either geographically or by the unspeakably cruel circumstances of being 'the only woman left on the shelf' without little people to call your own.


As somebody who walked that road and never could have my own family, I cannot stress enough the devastating impact this can have on a woman's mind, body and soul. It can crush you to pieces and leave you wondering if there is anything left to hope for. It strips you to your bare bones and leaves you feeling lost, utterly. Women need to be far better equipped for the challenges of this walk and the potential mental health ramifications that still aren't discussed with enough weight.


I absolutely take my hat off to Benita for tackling this topic, front on.''

Lucy Coffin
Registered Nurse & Fertility Therapist, Catching Rainbows Fertility

“Benita relays the all-important narrative of the reality of infertility. It is not simply a physical experience, more something that envelops your entire essence of being. Her raw honesty and gentle advice will undoubtedly bring comfort to many, many women.”

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Investment

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Mindset Mentorship

Valued at $5,400 is currently available for only:

$990 AUD
  • Daily coaching emails and homework
  • Lifetime membership to our private Facebook group
  • Two live 1 hour Q&A group coaching calls
  • Copy of my International Bestselling book ‘The Art of Trying’
  • Transformational resources and information

I can’t wait to welcome you to the program and stand side-by-side with you on your journey. You’re not alone – let’s do this together.

With much love,
Benita x